Philosophy: Phenomenology and Logical Forms

Title: Doing PhenomenologyDiscipline(s) or Field(s): PhilosophyAuthors: Eric Kraemer, Ken Maly, Sheri Ross, University of Wisconsin – La CrosseSubmission Date: January 24, 2006 Objective: Introduce Phenomenology as a Philosophical MethodStudent Le… Continue reading Philosophy: Phenomenology and Logical Forms

English: Teaching Logical Fallacies

Title: Teaching Logical Fallacies in the English Composition ClassroomDiscipline(s) or Field(s): EnglishAuthors: Mialisa Moline, Elizabeth Schneider-Rebozo, Robyne Tiedeman, University of Wisconsin – River FallsSubmission Date: June 8, 2008 Execut… Continue reading English: Teaching Logical Fallacies