Education: Classroom Assessment in a Literacy Education Class

Title: Student-Involved Classroom Assessment in a Literacy Education Class
Discipline(s) or Field(s): Reading Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education
Authors: Judy C. Lambert, Melissa Stinnett, Joan Naomi Steiner, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
Submission Date: February 28, 2007

Executive Summary
The goal of this project was to develop and refine a lesson that would provide a clear and consistent vision for student-involved classroom assessment. In the developed lesson for Adolescent Literacy Methods and Literacy and Language in the Content Areas, undergraduate students explored their beliefs about assessment and participated in specific class activities to generate new learning. Learning goals for the students were: 1) to gain background knowledge of best practices in assessment; 2) to be able to self-assess an assignment using a rubric; 3) to learn how to write I can statements; 4) to apply demonstrated strategies in their teaching units; 5) to appreciate the value of student-involved assessment.

Students viewed a DVD regarding assessment myths and a new vision for assessment and participated in several specific student-involved classroom assessment strategies. These strategies included

  1. Two-Minute Write
  2. Pair/Share
  3. Three Column Notes
  4. Key Learnings
  5. Learning Logs
  6. I Can Statements . . .

After self-assessing an assignment, students wrote “I can statements. . .” or learning targets for improving their own performance. Students later reflected upon their learning and how they might implement student-involved assessment strategies in their future classrooms.

Additional Lesson and Study Materials:
Lesson Strategies – Instructional Material

Rubric– Class Handout
Three column notes
– Class Handout
Evaluation Form – Materials to Study Lesson
Observation Form– Materials to Study Lesson
Informational/Permission Letter

Other Materials

Presentations Based on Lesson Study – List of Presentations
Poster Presentation – Poster Presentation of Preliminary Findings

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